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HitTrax is the first and only softball and baseball data capture and simulation system that provides a powerful combination of performance data and entertainment value. Using patent pending technology, HitTrax measures and displays real - time data in a manner that is bringing the softball and baseball industry to the next level.
HitTrax has illustrated a groundbreaking training tool that will help gear towards player development, performance, progress, and to assist coaches in identifying players' strengths and weaknesses.
Take P.R.I.D.E. Training is providing the latest model HitTrax to athletes, community members, and leagues. The HitTrax will capture metrics and statistics for hitters and pitchers in real-time.
  • Key statistics are broken down by pitch type and/or pitch speeds
  • The strike zone is divided into (13) sections with statistics analysis provided for each section (i.e. exit velocity, batting average, hard hit average, line drive percentage, etc.)
  • Provides empirical data that objectively confirms performance improvements of key metrics.
  • Periodic reviews can be held with the player to review results from an individual session or trending reports that outline performance over time.
  • Provides players with email reports with instructional comments.
PRIDE HitTrax logo raster The HitTrax when used in lessons will measure key metrics over a defined 30 minute program of both tee and batting practice sessions along with visual observations, the instructor/coach can use the BAR (baseline assessment report) to identify weaknesses and develop a "plan of attack" for future training sessions.
The Video Capture and Analysis Module (VCAM) enables full cause and effect swing analysis - a true game changer for training.
Data collected during instructional sessions, baseline assessments, and video analysis will be used to calculate player rankings amongst our national database and, for those that qualify, placement on our HitTraxStatsCenter leaderboard. The players will now know where they rank among players their own age.